KMSS Clubs

At KMSS, there are array of clubs available for students to join and widen their horizon and experience.

The clubs are student-managed with myriad activities varying on the specific purpose of each respective club which allow you to pursue your current interests and passions and perhaps even find ones you didn’t know you had. The clubs will help you gain invaluable leadership, social and personal skills as well as life skills connecting you with other students who have similar interests. The clubs give you the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the outside world. They also channelize diverse interests by providing them with an avenue to display their talents.

The Robotics Club

It provides the platform and technical support to fervent innovators to unleash their capability in Robotics, Engineering, and Mechanical design. 

The vanguards: Research and Exhibition Club

It offers plentiful opportunities to partake in research works and encourages them to challenge themselves.

The Talking Titans: Research and Presentation Club

This club is intended for management streams. It enhances public speaking among students and brings out the talents of students through PowerPoint presentations and many other innovative programs.

The Wordsworth: Literature Club

 This club provides a platform for students to express their ideas through the power of their words and guidance to expose the literary talent embedded inside them.

The Orange Marmalade: ECA Club

It provides equal opportunities to all the students in different ECA and CCA activities and appreciates their full participation.

The Creative Crew: Art Club

It backs up the artistic talents of students to the fullest and provides students with pleasure deepening appreciation and enjoyment of art and entices them to produce a beautiful work of art.


The Dreamers: Dance Club

The Dreamers guide the dangers to engross the souls along with the body for a better expression of their dance forms.

The Melodious: Singing Club

This ideal club is the place for building singing confidence and practicing amongst a group of laid-back minded individuals to hone students’ singing skills.

The Eco Club

If you espouse saving Mother Earth and she is something you’re fanatical about, consider joining Ego Club, where you will get avenues to engage in various projects of planting saplings and help glean up and green up your vicinity.

Maths Club

The main goal to establish KMSS Maths Club is to make learning resources and opportunities accessible to students and provide a common platform for students to engage in mathematics through events that make students aware of the ideas embedded in Mathematics and why Mathematics is the most beautiful subject


Student for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-KMC) is a platform that allows students to enter the realm of space exploration and engineering experiences. The club consists of group of like minded people and space enthusiasts aspiring to explore the universe.

Extracurricular activities are those activities that are “External to the Curriculum”. Extra activities are indispensable for the overall development of students. Through ECA students learn to manage time, and organizational skills and instill self-confidence.